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Wednesday, June 30

Know before you go

If you are planning to travel to Peru for the first time, check out TravelDocs Peru section. It provides a lot of useful information for U.S. citizens. It's always wise to ask dumb questions before venturing abroad. Because Peru is geared towards tourists, it does not put a lot of hurdles in the way, but the country can be a headache for anyone who wants to do something unusual -- say, guide a tour of orchid hunters in the Amazon or collect recordings of folk songs.

Thursday, June 24

The New York Times >Latin America Is Growing Impatient With Democracy: "The beating death of the mayor may seem like an isolated incident in an isolated Peruvian town but it is in fact a specter haunting elected officials across Latin America. A kind of toxic impatience with the democratic process has seeped into the region's political discourse, even a thirst for mob rule that has put leaders on notice." NY Times Peru serves as the leadin for a long Juan Forero think piece about democracy in the Americas.

Friday, June 11

Radio still a strong signal in Peruvian Amazon

'Family Matters' in the Amazon: "In the Peruvian Amazon, at least 25,000 people a week tune in their radios to hear the lively banter between 'Flaquita' (skinny girl) and 'Dona Rosa,' the hosts of 'Bienvenida Salud.' In a typical 30-minute program, broadcast from the regional capital, Iquitos, these local sages might discuss how pregnancy happens; what to do if you don't want it to happen; how to manage an abusive relationship; or why it is a good idea to vaccinate your baby. This kind of basic information can mean the difference between a better life and misery for many in the region"

The Ford Foundation highlihts a public health program, Minga Peru, that they fund in Peru. I came to this report thanks to Peruvian Times - Lima Survival Kit. This is not just a fluff piece -- it's a revealing piece about the challenges of providing the simplest health services.

Tuesday, June 8

Information on Camisea Natural Gas Project

I am sure that one of these days, Camisea is going to pop back into the news so here are some links for future reference. The Bank Information Center USA has a valuable cache of information on the Camisea Natural Gas Project, Peru. It has been following the project from the start. You also might want to check out AmazonWatch.

The consortium developing the whole show has a site: Camisea Project.

Wednesday, June 2

Blog Milestone

The National Biological Information Infrastructure (a U.S. government service) provides Peru resources -- a pretty good summary and description dealing web resources about flora and fauna in Peru's diverse ecology. Some sites are in Spanish.

This happens to be the 2000th post in this blog. I've been lingering at this milestone for so long that I needed to push over. I know I've slacked off recently but I've been busy. We're going on four years, which sounds real old for a blog.

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