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Friday, January 21


Dear visitor, I'm spending some days doing some general updating, link checking and other necessary chores on the site. For instance, I've seen that my web directory, La Lista, is showing its age, with a lot of broken links. I am checking these problems out. Your patience is appreciated.

Thursday, January 20

Peru - A Country Study

The Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress puts out special book-length reports on countries. A complete text is at the Library of Congress, including cross-referencing, tables and a glossary. It was published in 1992, and most of it is still relevant. also has its entire text is online, but there seem to be no illustrations, tables, bibliogrphy or notes. It is organized around the table of contents and some 50 chapters, making it unwieldy to move around in the text. It also does not seem to have the last chapter on national security. I could not understand why a second, lesser quality version was on line and then I realized that all Federal documents are in the public domain so anyone can grab them and put them up, and pocket the modest Google Adsense revenue. Google cannot search the Library of Congress text because it's a database, but it can access all the text in because they are flat HTML pages. It hardly seems worth the effort, but who knows?

My suggestion -- go straight to the original.

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