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Friday, August 11

Living in Peru : your everyday companion

Living in Peru : your everyday companion is a relatively recent web site. It comes news items, features, a directory, classified ads, and a lot of other stuff about Peru, in other words, a?Guide for foreigners living in Peru.? I will be adding it to La Lista. It's all in English. Maybe, I should just shut down this site now -- just kidding.

Friday, August 4

Gorriti returns to his inspiration

Index for Free Expression Peru: Abimael Guzmán, once more on trial for crimes against humanity: "If there is one thing that is remarkable about the senderista uprising, it is the huge disparity between the paucity of their means and their ambitious aims; between the rude and remote scenes of their battles and their objective of global conquest. For a long time it seemed like a demented rebellion that few understood and even fewer knew how to combat. This is why it was so dangerous and advanced so much in a few short years." Gustavo Gorriti writes an extended article about Abimael Guzman and Sendero. On the occassion of Chairman Gonzalo's second trial, he looks back on the past 30 years and singles out the most remarkable characteristics of Sendero's birth, expansion and defeat.

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