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Friday, June 11

Radio still a strong signal in Peruvian Amazon

'Family Matters' in the Amazon: "In the Peruvian Amazon, at least 25,000 people a week tune in their radios to hear the lively banter between 'Flaquita' (skinny girl) and 'Dona Rosa,' the hosts of 'Bienvenida Salud.' In a typical 30-minute program, broadcast from the regional capital, Iquitos, these local sages might discuss how pregnancy happens; what to do if you don't want it to happen; how to manage an abusive relationship; or why it is a good idea to vaccinate your baby. This kind of basic information can mean the difference between a better life and misery for many in the region"

The Ford Foundation highlihts a public health program, Minga Peru, that they fund in Peru. I came to this report thanks to Peruvian Times - Lima Survival Kit. This is not just a fluff piece -- it's a revealing piece about the challenges of providing the simplest health services.

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