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 Peruvian Poetry Translations 

Antonio Cisneros

Toño is probably the best known poet of his generation. He won the OAS's Gabriela Mistral Inter-American Cultural Award in 2000. He lives his life as a poet, academic and literary critic, as well as on the fringes of journalism. I don't know how he does it. Well, I do in part: he gets invited around the world (England, France, Hungary, the United States) where he charms entire university campuses. Don't let him drag you into a tavern; you won't get out before two in the morning.

Antonio has several available books in English (and many other languages, for that matter): At Night the Cats (1985), a bi-lingual edition with translations by David Tipton and Maureen Ahern (Amazon); The Spider Hangs Too Far from the Ground translated by Maureen Ahern (Translator), William Rowe (Translator), David Tipton (Amazon)

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