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Over the three years (1999-01), I worked on a wide range of sites, in addition to this one. All site owners were generous in giving me a chance to learn from their needs. But for the past 18 months, I have been concentrating on my Masters studies and web development work has been put on the back burner.

Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL): I worked at CITEL as its information officer for 15 months. One of my tasks was to take a site that started as a FrontPage creature and has turned into a monster and make it a more useful part of CITEL's work. Converting the English and Spanish content to the new design, however, took more time than I would have wanted.

Global - John Pike: Carrying on with a collaboration started at the Federation of American Scientists (see below), I have been helping John Pike start up his new sites, Global and Pike Consultants. My only problem has been getting John to find the time to incorporate my design suggestions on his site.

Book Site: I redesigned Peter Klarén's site for selling his book, Peru: Society and Nationhood in the Andes. However, George Washington University recently took down the server and Peter has yet to get the paperwork done to get another site assigned.

Casalas and Associates Respondanet: I provided services to this site, mainly converting large collections of documents into a web format. We're talking about megabytes of files. As often happens with outsourcing, the company has decided that they need full-time on-site service and the new team has taken the site in a new direction.

Federation of American Scientists: For 18 months, I had a working relationship with FAS as a web developer. It poses some interesting design challenges because it is a huge site and the webmaster did not want to redesign the whole scheme. It had a rustic layout that harked back Timothy Berners-Lee's . Each project leader, however, does have a degree of freedom to customize his/her subsite. FAS provided the learning opportunity for web development. I got a chance to learn the initial lessons of working on the Web. My collaboration with them is now ended.