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Monday, May 1

Soy Andina

Mitch Teplitsky's Soy Andina: "Soy Andina is an exuberant cross-cultural road trip, bursting with traditional music and dance rarely seen outside the country. But the core story is intimate and universal: a yearning for roots and connection in turbulent times." Mitch has been working on this documentary for years, a real labor of love for Peru and its people. I can't even remember when I first chances across his site. I think I posted something about his work. He tells me that he's on the home stretch for completing the film.

MIchael, thanks for the post. I can't remember either exactly when/how we met. At least 3 years ago. Yes, independent docs can take years. Sometimes you are following a story across time. Often it's to raise the money. Both in this case. We have a 2 hour "rough-cut", and we're about to resume editing.
just a new friends from Malaysia
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