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Saturday, May 6

It's now official

We will now have a presidential run-off elections between Ollanta Humala and Alan Garcia. Both have a tainted personal history -- the first as a military frontline commander in the Huallaga valley who in all likelihood commited or condoned human rights abuses, and the second as a young politician who wasted a historial opportunity to consolidate democracy in the country.

Pick the lesser of two evils -- it would have to be Garcia. Although I have been especially critical of Garcia's first term in office, I still see him as capable of managing government -- just as long as he takes his meds. You could even argue that the guy may actually have learned from his mistakes. These days he looks so tame compared to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez or Bolivian president Evo Morales. Of course, the deepest fear is whether the APRA part can be kept on a tight leash and not fall back into the pattern of corruption and incompetence that tainted the 1985-1990 term in power.

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