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Monday, April 17

Behind the crest of the news

I have been remise in covering the Peruvian elections. Good things (tons of paying work) and bad things (a crashed hard disk) have stolen my free time and energy for thinking about the complexities in Peru. In case you don't already know, the best blog for following political events is Peru Election 2006 hosted by the University of British Columbia. It's a team effort, with lost of comments and feedback, content in English and Spanish.

To add insult, I absentmindedly posted this item in my other blog, Prana Journal, last week. This week I need to get back in the groove, having at least caught up with the essentials of daily life.

Prana Journal link is misspelled. Hope things are good, Michael.
Hello there.

We provided full coverage, minute by minute of the elections in Peru. We'll also do that for the second round that's coming up in a couple weeks. The information displayed in the coverage is NOT biased in any way, and has taken several sources to confirm the news displayed. Information is in spanish though:



Luis Alberto Barandiaran
UniversidadPeru.com Webmaster

About UniversidadPeru.com
UniversidadPeru.com is an educational portal focused on orienting and providing resources for those interested in studying a technical or professional career in Peru. It's highlights include an agenda of activities for the most important universities in the country, scholarship's information and a collection of work oportunities. They also carry a blog where they share their experiences in developing the portal. Site is in Spanish!
Hi there as well.Just to complement this post -even though I know I´m a bit late-. Another informal coverage of the elections "sentiment" was done by:http://www.perupolitica.com
Política en Perú
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