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Thursday, November 17

In Peru, drug trade surging but interdiction funds falling

SF Chronicle In Peru, drug trade surging but interdiction funds falling: "Eduardo Gamarra, director of the Latin American and Caribbean Center at Florida International University in Miami, says the White House is trying to paint a rosy picture of a program on which it has spent billions of dollars on training, military equipment, aerial spraying, surveillance and alternative development." My long-distance friend, C.J. Schexnayder, writes that coca growing is rising in Peru and may return to the volume of the mid-1990s. Cliff has also been in Colombia, reporting for three weeks, so he may have some interesting comparisons between the two countries.

He must also be kicking himself for being out of Peru when Fujimori starts to make headlines with his return to South America -- and maybe eventually Peru, once his legal status is determined in the next couple of months. Well, maybe by then, Cliff will be back in Lima.

Hi Michael,
just discovered this site. Kudos to you, very informational in all aspects. I haven't had the time yet to read everything but I sure will.
I lived in Seattle for 8 years before moving here (Av. Pardo, Miraflores) in January 2005. I wrote a post in my blog todayvin regard to Fujimori/Chile and referred to your site for "more infos and background".
Greetings from Lima
When Fujimori was arrested, I flashed to the future... I wonder if Bush will be a wanted fugitive. I know that if he were put on trial for just HALF of what he has done, he could given a life sentence.

We can only hope.
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