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Friday, October 21

Digging for truth in the Andes

Frontline/World - - The Curse of Inca Gold:

Frontline/World and New York Times reporter Lowell Bergman travels to the peaks of the Peruvian Andes to uncover the story of a secret battle for Yanacocha, the world's richest gold mine. With undercover tapes and inside sources, Bergman reveals high-level political intrigue and attempts to influence Peru's supreme court to rule in favor of an American Company. The program investigates Newmont Mining of Denver, Colorado, the company that won control of the Peruvian mine and has since become the world's most profitable gold mining company with operations in Indonesia, Ghana, and Uzbekhistan. Newmont publicly pledges that it operates using U.S. environmental and ethical standards overseas even in countries where corruption is the norm, but insiders say that just has not been true. Bergman meets the crusading priest who leads local campesinos who have opposed expansion of the mine after a toxic mercury spill by Newmont led to health problems in their community.

This hour-long feature will be appearing on PBS stations. The date and time may vary. WETA will be showing it on October 25 at 9:00 pm. It may eventually be available online.

Saw it last night by chance. Nice to see some Peruvian topics on American television.
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