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Monday, October 10

Another pre-Colombian historical site threatened by progress

Santo Domingo Rock Art Endangered: A Peruvian Treasure Needs Support: "The archaeological evidence in this valley indicates human ritual activity from the Lithic Period to the Intermedio Tardio Period (10,000 B.C - 1400 A.D.)and includes huacas, shelters, platforms, canals, ceremonial paths (one very long one of 10 meters wide), as well as many stone flake and tool workshops. Most impressive and most fragile is a dense distribution of geoglyphs dating from 5000 B.C to 600 A.D. depicting zoomorphs, anthropomorphs, hunting scenes and complex spirals." Melissa Massat wrote me a few days ago after chancing across this blog. She pointed me towards here pet project -- the rock art of Santo Dominga near Trujillo. Although the site had been off the beaten track, the Chavimochic Irrigation project has opened up the zone to urban penetration, bulldozers, truck traffic and other damage.

You can see pictures of this archaeologoical site at the website set up to provide more information on the problem: Save Santo Domingo, Peru.

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