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Friday, August 12

Fresh eyes on Peru

Photo of Cusco cathedral at night
world.techrose.org: Peru: "Where Jesus Never Ruled and other stories from the highlands and lowlands of Peru" Mahesh Shantaram traveled to Peru last year and turned his camera and pen on the country and its people, visiting Lima, Arequipa, Puno, and Cusco. He has a collection of 22 photo essays and over 300 images. Here's how he describes his material:

"Know the true meaning of El Condor Pasa. Get high on Pisco. Save the Ceviche. Spot real Beetles. Experience the City of Kings. Inquire into the Jesus factor. Take the double switchback to Machu Picchu. Walk on the reed islands of Lake Titicaca. Ride the Altiplano. Find love and intrigue in Arequipa. Discover the India connection. Do it all in Peru!"

I commend him for the links that he complements his essays with. I have not seen some of them before and I will probably be highlighting them on their own right in this blog and elsewhere on the site. For those who just want his pix, you can go to his Smugmug portfolio.

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to point out that after my domain expired, I managed to revive and recreate the Peru articles only this month. It is now at the following location: thecontrarian.in/magazine/peru/

Also please note that I don't use the smugmug site anymore (even though the link works).

Mahesh Shantaram
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