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Tuesday, August 2


While reviewing my server logs today, I ran across a site that I had not noticed linking to me before, ExpatPeru.com. It promises to be "a site designed to serve the English-speaking community of foreign residents in Peru and for others who are planning to relocate here" (in Peru) with news, community and resources. I will be adding the site to the Lista directory. It lists my blog as a commentary source. It has an active online forum so people who want to ask questions can query sources who actually live in Peru, instead of me who has been back only once in 10 years.

Actually the site that links to me most (not counting Google) happens to be RedForum, which happens to be in French. From the red and black motif on the site, it seems to be a left wing political site. Since I can't trace the link back to its source, I can't tell what they are actually referencing.

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