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Monday, August 8

Cybercafes in Peru

Let me slip you another lost Peruvian gem on the web: The Internet, inequality and exclusion in Peru: the social impact of the cabinas públicas by Victoria Holmes. It is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, weighs in at 304 kilobytes and runs 35 pages. It's from an August 2001 presentations so it may not be completely current. You can add it to the other resources on my Peru/Internet page. It seems that cybercafes have replaced the "chino de la esquina" (the corner grocer) because they seem to be everywhere, serving up hot e-mail and well-seasoned Internet telephony services.

I found this document in the CyberLibrary of the Networks-and-Development-Foundation, located in the Domincan Republic. It hosts a lot of websites that deal with technology and development.

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