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Thursday, August 11

A change of pace -- resurrecting an old piece

I have added a new contribution to Peruvian Graffiti: The Strange Story of Alberto Pareja Lecaros, the tale of a legendary mine, an eccentric engineer and the madness of a grieved lover. I originally wrote this text in 1983 for La Republica. It was an stimulating experience for me because it was one of my first efforts at writing in a feature style. The material lent itself to breaking out of the news reporting mode. It won a lot of praise from colleagues.

This story is being put up in less than polished prose because I just wanted to get it done -- the page has been sitting on my hard disk for nearly six months. I will be adding some illustrations, cleaning up some overheated sentences and generally reviewing it with 20 years more of writing experience. I had not yet started to work consistently as a freelancer. I also need to recognize that non-Peruvians are going to be reading it -- I wrote it for a general Lima readership.

Hi, Micheal,

Seems your link (http://www.gci275.com/sword/canarias.shtml/) is down. Nice to see you posting more on Peru again!

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