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Tuesday, August 2

Building towards the future

I've been exploring development-oriented websites recently and came across Chemonics International, a consulting firm focused on the developing world. It's a subcontractor for the US Aagency for Internacional Development and multilateral organizations. It had four articles on its recent work in Peru so I am going to point to them here:
Obviously, these are articles meant to underscore Chemonics' expertise and track record, as well as to spotlight its underwriters, in this case, US AID. But it also shows the kind of work going on in the country from a development point of view. Here is AID's own Peru section and the country mission's site.

Many may complain about the US policy slant and the distortions that it can create in development strategy and economic performance. But the reality is that because of the commitment made to Iraq and the "war on terrorism," the US impact on Peru will be steadily declining for the next five years, if not longer.

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