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Friday, April 15

Peru moves to avoid being blacklisted for Machu Picchu's decline

Guardian Unlimited £70m plan to save lost Inca city: "Mr Van Oers said Unesco had expressed its concerns about the site to the Peruvian government through informal channels for about 10 years. He blamed a lack of governmental coordination, rather than active resistance, for the delayed response. 'There are just so many people involved - the cultural ministry and the tourism authorities, the environment ministry, urban planning - they all have different mandates and different interests,' he said. 'Things reached a limit last year.'" The tourist route to Machu Picchu is a kind of black hole pulling all travellers into its gravity. It also puts an enormous amount of stress on an environment that is not prepared for this volume of traffic. Peru definitely needs some kind of "adult supervision" for this cultural heritage simply because in the grand scale of things, there are more pressing problems for the Peruvian government, given its limited capacity to chew gum and walk at the same time.

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