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Friday, March 25

One man's vision of the drug trade

The Observer / GuardianThe white stuff: "This journey has revolutionised my views. I now believe that the tragedy we witnessed in Latin America has little to do with the damage the drugs do to people's heads. The tragedy is a result of the drugs being illegal. People will do a lot for a 34,000-per-kilo profit." This is a newspaper account of film maker Angus Macqueen's experience about making a TV documentary about the drug trade from the Peruvian jungles to the consumers in the United States and other Western countries, and the stop-off point between. Lots of people don't see the logic of the War on Drugs. Of course, they also do not have to fight nearly 100 years of legislaiton and policing designed to keep some substances off limits. Legalizing cocaine or marijuana in the States is a political battle guaranteed frustration and futility. But that does not take anything away from this film that will probably appear soon on U.S. cable.

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