Sunday, March 20

First time

I received word from Carol Haralson that the magazine of Gilcrease Museum (Tulsa, Oklahoma), which she edits and designs, would like to publish a poem by Mirko Lauer (and translated by me, naturally). The Gilcrease calls itself the Museum of the Americans. The current issue is about Machu Picchu, and although Mirko's poem, Vertebrate Heart, is not about that icon of Andean culture, it does evoke a human universalism that is appropriate for a site that stirs the imagination of millions.

This is the first time that any of my translations of Peruvina poets has made it into "the big time," that I know of. Of course, I have never actively sought publication because I only wanted to get the poems out of yellowing manuscripts and into some format that could be accessible to others.

And it is a beautiful poem. Mirko really did get it so right.

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