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Thursday, May 6

The motherload of Andean links

I came across an interesting site: Steve Froemming, a sociocultural anthropologist who specialized in the Andean and Basque worlds -- interesting combination. There are three interesting pages (broken out of the confines frames): Andean references, online reader of Andean culture and other Andean links. I have not had enough time to pour through all these links. Steve has put in a tremendous amount of time and effort into pulling this information together. Some links are in Spanish, others in English. There may be duplicates and dead links.

See his doctoral thesis: Rational Choice and Collective Action in an Andean Community in a 225-household Quechua village in the Urubamba range of Peru from 1989-1991. Interesting times to be in rural Cusco -- definitely a society under stress. He also has two working papers on line. Again, because the site is in frames, I can't link directly to them.

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