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Tuesday, April 20

New site in the network

I have added a new website, Prana Journal to my mini-network -- you can see it listed in the navigation panel to the left. For now, it's just a blog that chronicles my interest in yoga, meditation and other mind-body aspects. Since I am spending a lot of time working on shaping up my body and mind, I decided that it should be reflected in my web presence. I did not think that I could fit it in easily on this site, which has been shedding some of its earlier diverse issues (my graduate studies, the Internet and technology) to focus exclusively on Peru. So I decided to purchase my own domain. Prana means breath, energy and life in Sanskrit; it's a key concept in yoga because your movement and meditation are frequently tied to the breath.

I also bought PeruvianGraffiti.com and am going to find out how I can best implement it with this site.

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