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Saturday, April 17

New additions to Peruvian Graffiti

Today, I became an Amazon Associate. You will see an ad on each page, discreetly placed in the footer. For the time being, it links to books about Peru and the Andes, but that could change, or be tailored to the content on each page. I will also start linking to Amazon for book references. If a visitor clicks on the link and then makes a purchase, I will get a modest commission. I am also getting a modest cash flow from the Google Adense ads you see in the navigation panel. I am not going to get rich off of this business sideline -- nor am I going to cover my operating costs.

Since I've had a website since 1996, the thrill of being on the World Wide Web has worn off. What I am doing is challenging myself to put something new in this site and the others that I operate. I need to motivate myself to boost traffic -- and to do that, I need to "improve the user experience" -- add content, expose it to a broader public, get people to click on the ad links.

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