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Wednesday, April 28

Lunch with Eduardo

Yesterday, I had a quick lunch with Eduardo Romero, the creative force behind Peruvia, where you can tap into his conscientious monitoring of the English-language news media and its scattered reporting on Peru. Since we currently share Washington (DC) as our hometown, it's easy to compare notes about blogging and news events in Peru. Anyone who has been frequenting this blog to get hot news should check out Eduardo's site. Eduardo, a Peruvian from Pucallpa, is married to a U.S. anthropologist who's specialized in the Amazon. Before coming to the States this time, they lived in Acre (Brazil) just across the border from Peru.

For the past two weeks, I have been backing off making blog entries. I'm brainstorming about how to make a new start with this blog and also cover my other blogs and websites. I now have three of my own, plus my consulting work, so it's a handful.

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