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Friday, April 16

End of an Era

I've decided to stop posting regular news items. I've been following the English-language news sites since November 2000, just after Fujimori was forced out of power. I've kept up this practice -- with some breaks -- but I've just run out of gas.

Eduardo Romero is doing a fine job over at Peruvia. If Eduardo's site does not provide a strong enough news fix, you can also try the Peruvian Messenger, a weekly summary of news events. You can get an e-mail version by sending a message to [email protected]. This publication is produced by the Peru Solidarity Forum, which is a network of missionaries and foreign residents. It also publishes an analysis section, called Conjuncture.

What's more, I just find it furstrating to populate my pages with links that I know will become inaccessible in a few weeks. I want to provide links that are going to last for a while and serve as a reference. There are other changes that are going to become evident in the coming weeks.

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