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Monday, April 5

Asphalt through the Amazon

Proposed road from Brazil to Peru edges closer: "The first major hurdle will be crossed this year when Brazil begins work on a $7 million bridge over the Acre River that will, at last, link Assis, in the Brazilian state of Acre, to Inapari in Peru. Brazil recently completed paving of the highway all the way to Assis, making the possibility of access to the Pacific all the more tantalizing to Brazilian soybean farmers, loggers and ranchers who have long wanted a more direct trade route with Asia. On the Peruvian side, along the 600 miles of rocks, dirt and mud that begins in Inapari and ends at Cuzco, 11,150 feet in the Andes, live loggers, gold miners, small-town merchants and nut farmers. All have long dreamed of a paved route out, a promise by successive Peruvian governments since the 1980s." The Seattle Times Combine this penetration highway with the Camisea natural gas pipeline, and you can snuff out species left and right.

I don't know where this NY Times piece came from -- hasn't appeared in that daily in the past couple of weeks.

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