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Wednesday, March 24

Selling out -- small ads help underwrite this site

I have started displaying Google Adsense text ads. After eight years of having a website, I decided that I had to find some way of differing some of the costs. I like the Adsense ads because they are straight-forward and don't detract from the rest of the page (no monkeys bouncing around in a banner ad). I know that Google pays -- per click on an ad and no need to make a purchase. What I don't know is if visitors to this site will click on the ads. It may take a while to get past the $10 minimum payment.

The other option was putting out a tincup or PayPal and asking for donations.

In all honesty, I also wanted to get my fingers into this business because I need to advise clients (i.e. GlobalSecurity.org) about how to deal with advertising on the Web. It's time consuming to educate yourself so I thought I would also use the knowledge I acquire.

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