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Monday, March 8

More pre-Columbian mummies found in outskirts of Lima

Dozens of Inca mummies found near Lima: "The mummies were once farmers and craftsmen and lived under the dominion of the Lati and Ishma Inca leaders, who ruled over the Rimac River valley, home to modern-day Lima, Cock said. 'These are local inhabitants, what we could now call middle class, belonging to the period of the Inca Empire, between 1472 and 1532,' Cock said. He said they were textile makers: 'Ninety-nine percent of the tools in the tombs are used for such production, from dressmaking to cloth dying. There are needles and looms." CNN.com / Reuters With all the mummies being found in unique conditions in the past few years, archeologists and anthropologists could spend the rest of their lives investigating them. Of course, there's never been a shortage of mummies. Most coastal valleys have cementaries that are constantly sacked by huaqueros for artifacts that could be sold on the black market.

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