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Friday, March 19

Management of Amazon resources

The shaman, the lumberjack, and the hunter: Snapshots from the Amazon
: "A local shaman introduced us to its biological treasure. The Amazon is home to more than 40,000 plant species, with nearly three-fourths of those species found nowhere else on the globe. With machete in hand, the shaman carved a virgin path through the rain forest. We followed him as best as we could, though we were unable to master his adroit skill at jumping over tree roots while vines swung at our heads. Fortunately, the shaman would stop periodically, hold up a plant, and carefully explain its medicinal properties. Two of us were stung by a nasty wasp. We were hoping the shaman would have a remedy to take away the pain. Instead, he congratulated us on getting stung, for it would help mitigate the future contraction of arthritis! " SojoMail / Sojourner David Batstone, executive editor, travels to Peru's Amazon and sends home some of his experience. Actually this appears to have been an postscript from an article from the magazine. The trip was last summer.

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