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Tuesday, March 23

Burgers for Peruvians -- beating out McDonalds and Burger King at their game

Gourmet burger chain in Peru sets expansion plan: "With $50,000 in capital, he and partner Miroslav Cermak kicked off Bembos in 1988 with one burger bar. So far, the company has financed its expansion with profits and some bank loans. Camino said he expects Bembos' niche abroad to be the same as in Peru -- its high-quality meat and a wide range of burgers, which the company is constantly changing. It has about 20 variations on its menu at any given time. 'We use Argentinian beef because we feel it is the best, but our fries are from the United States,' Camino said. 'Peru has so many types of potatoes that locally-produced fries were too complicated.'" Forbes / Reuters My friends at the International Potato Center must be cringing that a Peruvian fast food chain has to import U.S. potatoes for its French fries. Camino says that they will expand into the provinces soon and then Central America for its first presence abroad.

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