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Monday, March 8

30 years ago, I got off a plane in Lima

It suddenly occurred to me that an important anniversary had slipped by -- my arrival for my first residence in Peru, from 1974 to 1990. The date was February 22 -- Victor Raul Haya de la Torre's birthday and a major festivity for the APRA party. I had been there as a student, twice, in January 1971 and then again in September 1971 to January 1972.

A swell of bittersweet nostalgia just swept up my spine as I remembered those intoxicating days. The images, impressions and their repercussions are still strong in my mind, though I have not had much of a chance to refresh my memories since leaving Peru following my second residence, November 1993-January 1996.

I mention this milestone at a moment when I feel my drive to add to this weblog and website flagging -- it's been eight years since I left Peru and at times I feel that my ability to comment intelligently about Peruvian culture and current affairs is flawed. From a distance, it's frequently hard to know what has changed about Peru and what remains the same. When I was a correspondent, I used feel that after being out of the country for a few weeks the political scene seemed like a puzzle with missing pieces. I guess I'm feeling old.

For the past two years, I've been posting most just news items when I could because my free time was scarce because I was in graduate school and holding down a full-time job. I'm now also working on another weblog/website -- BackdoorTech -- that's where all my techie stuff has gone. I am being pulled in other directions, as well.

This site is going to stay focused on Peru, repurposing some content from years ago, resurrecting memories and trying to keep track of what's happening in Peru. In a sense, I'm still working at coming to terms with my 18 years in Peru and what he means for and to me now. I may also looking into including Google Adsense text ads because I need to generate some cash to pay for the web hosting.

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