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Thursday, February 5

Toledo seems to have a negative learning curve in the presidency

Scandals Weaken Peru's Leader: "Although the economy has grown in all but one month since Toledo took office, few Peruvians have reported a rise in income. Much of the economic growth has come from increased exports in such sectors as mining, an industry largely controlled by foreign companies, with only a small share of the profits reaching Peruvians. That, among other issues, has made free trade difficult to sell to the public here and across the Andean region. Peru is scheduled to begin negotiations in March with the Bush administration, which has placed free trade at the top of its agenda for Latin America." Washington Post Peru has the strongest economy in Latin America, but still can't deliver on better living conditions for Peruvians. Toledo can't even get credit for the improved economic performance since policy has been put into a kind of lockbox and put away for fear of alienating the IMF, World Bank, and international investors.

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