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Sunday, February 29

Explicit depiction of sexual practices in Moche culture open eyes

Once taboo, erotic ceramics a link to ancient Peru: "The Moche ceramics have opened the door to a wide field of study of sexual values in pre-Columbian Peru. Their study also casts a historical spotlight on centuries of repression by Spanish colonial bureaucrats and Inquisition-era priests bent on extirpating demonic influence from the hearts, minds and loins of the native populace." Miami Herald / AP The opening story line of students only recently being given access to the erotic ceramics only recently is false. The best examples of this type of work from the Moche culture were concentrated in the Larco Herrera Museum, which is off the beaten track in Lima. But I can remember seeing them when I was studying in Peru in 1972, and I went back later on with friends. The reporter did not consult any of Peru's archeaologists or anthropologists to put the pottery in historical and cultural perspective.

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