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Friday, February 6

Colleague Guillermoprieto talks about reporting on serial killings of women in Mexico

Murder in Juárez: "I?ve rarely, in any of the stories I?ve written for the magazine, even mentioned the United States. And it?s certainly the first time that I have written about a U.S. citizen. I generally try to pretend that we Latin-Americans are an independent people, and that we make our own decisions, and that we live out the consequences of our own destiny, and that?s why I focus so intensely on Latin-American characters in my story. But of course that isn?t true. The United States is enormously important for Latin America and, specifically, Mexico." The New Yorker: Online Only Alma Guillermoprieto worked for Newsweek, and I got to work with her a lot. She influenced me in my approach to journalism. She encouraged me a lot in my own writing efforts beyond journalism. Since those days, she went on to The New Yorker, a MacArthur Genius Grant and many other honors. Alma can write real good. I don't think I've heard from her in 10 years, and ran across this interview tonight. I miss her.

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