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Saturday, January 31

The soap opera that is Peruvian politics contiues: Vice President resigns due to scandal

Peru Vice President Resigns Amid Scandal: "In his resignation letter Friday, Diez Canseco said he was the victim of a political attack and vowed to fight the charges without the weight of the vice presidency." Miami Herald / AP

Peruvian VP quits amid scandals for Toledo government: "Political analyst Nelson Manrique said things 'do not look good' for Toledo. 'Toledo's tenure in office should be reconsidered.'" Channel News Asia / AFP

Peru's VP quits after scandal, radio reports: "But Toledo's government has proved less than squeaky clean -- four ministers, including the prime minister, were fired or quit within three months at the end of last year and the start of this year after allegations of influence peddling." Houston Chronicle / AP

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