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Tuesday, January 27

The doomsday defense keeps Toledo from falling

Peru's unpopular leader on a knife edge in 2004: "If there are no signs of progress in the next few months, many poor Peruvians say they will carry out a repeat of violent protests and strikes undertaken in May and June by people demanding better pay and investment in roads and hospitals. At the time, Toledo -- who came to power in 2001 for a five-year term -- imposed a 30-day state of emergency and sent soldiers onto the streets to restore order. 'We will give Toledo a few months more. If we don't see change, then we want him gone,' said Martha Guzman, 40, tending her tiny house made of wood and straw matting in Pachacutec." Reuters AlertNet The issue is what could come after Toledo is forced out -- what I call the Doomsday Defense -- if I am removed from power, then chaos and mayhem will be set loose, and none of the political players want that to happen.

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