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Monday, December 22

Transplant from Detroit to Peru for Xmas

Essence of yuletide found in Peru's Andes: "The four members of the Vasquez family live in a one-room adobe house made of straw and mud (no larger than one of the Lockett bedrooms in Detroit) and sleep on an earth floor with guinea pigs freely running around inside. They farm potatoes, draw their own water from a lake, bathe in the lake and burn the dung of cattle and goats to keep warm and cook. Essentially, the Locketts became members of the Vasquez family. That meant Walter struggled with plowing fields, tiring quickly in the thin air; Portia helped with cooking, including preparing goats for eating by squeezing fecal matter out of their intestines; and the boys helped herd goats and collected farm animal dung for the fire." The Lockett family participated in National Geographic Channelís Worlds Apart television series. Consult your local TV listings for day and time

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