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Monday, December 29

Saving a rare bird on the northern coast of Peru

Rare bird could face extinction, again: "The guan live in the so-called dry forest, an ecosystem in northern Peru in which the trees are dry and leafless except during summer rains. There they are at risk from locals who hunt them for food and who raid the forest for timber. Angulo said he was seeking to involve local communities in the conservation effort -- perhaps by acting as guides or providing services to rich American and European tourists. A visitors' fee could also be levied to ensure that cash from vacationing bird watchers made its way to residents. Protecting the forests for the guan in that way would also have an 'umbrella effect' and safeguard other species, he said, adding some 40 bird species are native to the dry forest." CNN / Reuters The habitat of the guan is endangered because local residents graze goats and other livestock in the bushland.

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