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Friday, December 12

Prime Minister gets a plug from the Post

Peru's Premier Puts Her Perseverance to the Test: "Merino, who has served as a senator and member of Congress since 1990, returning intermittently to the private sector, a law practice, academia and Peru's tax agency, said in an interview that she also derived her strength from her Catholic faith and has built on the skills she acquired working for an American pharmaceutical company. She has the serene demeanor of a healer on a serious quest to lift the spirits of disillusioned Peruvians. This is only her sixth month in office, but her hard-earned reputation as a competent and diligent politician has helped lift the sagging approval ratings of Alejandro Toledo's presidency and improved her country's investment credit rating." Washington Post Beatriz Merino is in town and winning praise -- meanwhile, in Lima, she's having a rough time holding on to her office.

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