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Saturday, December 13

Merino bites the dust in political backstabbing

Peru's First Female PM Asked to Resign: "Seen by many as a welcome bulwark of decisive leadership in Toledo's fragile presidency, Merino has been the most popular member of his government since coming on board in June. Recent polls show her with approval ratings of 64 percent." NY Times / AP

Politicians Angry Over Firing of Peru's PM Merino: "Politicians spoke out against Toledo last week for failing to defend his prime minister, who is three times as popular as the president and who lifted Toledo's own low approval ratings since coming into office at the end of June." NY Times / Reuters

Toledo has managed to mess up his cabinet six months after Merino stepped in to rescue a government in disarray. He has booted out the most popular government leader in the country. Merino fell in the trap of slapping back at Lima's notorious rumor mill that sniped that she was a secret lesbian. This is typical of the bungling that has distinguished Toledo's term in office.

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