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Friday, December 26

Cienciano is a giant killer in football

SignOnSanDiego.com >South American Stunner: "And then you had Cienciano, which was founded in 1901 by a British P.E. teacher at a provincial high school. Which didn't become a pro club until 1973, returned to amateur status in '77, then went pro again in 1984. Which was 5-7-3 and in eighth place (out of 12 teams) when the players' strike forced the cancellation of the Peruvian season in mid-November. Which doesn't have a home stadium large enough to host the Copa Sudamericana final." San Diego Union-Tribune Peru has no more upbeat story than the football success of the little Cusco club that could -- it won the South America club competition, the first time for Peru. This in the middle of a year when most Peruvian clubs have not been able to pay their players.

Cienciano upsets River 1-0 in Copa final Sports Illustrated / AP Cienciano win Copa Sudamericana ESPN Soccernt / Reuters

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