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Saturday, December 6

An Andean nation in the making

In honor of the third anniversary of this site and weblog, I have added a longer article, An Andean nation in the making. I originally wrote it in 1990 for an upscale tourism guide with glossy color photos and many other contributions from authors who knew Peru intimately and lovingly. With this version, I am using TAFOS pictures and that gives the article a grittier finish. It's an attempt to look at some of the deeper issues that trouble the social fabric of the country. I am also am going to be editing and rewriting the piece because a lot of things have changed since I first penned it.

I am also going to a larger format with most of my TAFOS pictures because I don't think that anything under 250 px wide does not do justice to the picture. It will take me a while to get as all of them switched over. In some cases, I do not have a print copy, which will prevent me from going big.

Let me clarify that I've been on the web since 1996 -- although three years is a long time for a weblog, it's not for a website and this one has preserved. Before 2000, I did not have a domain name and it was hosted by my ISP.

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