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Saturday, November 29

Three years online

This month this site and this weblog completed three years in their current incarnation. I can safely say that I joined the blog nation well before it became fashionable, and I've got the archives to prove it. I got my own domain name several months before, but it took me a while to retrofit the content from my old side to the new format, which was based on cascading style sheets. I have started tweaking the design a bit to simplify management. The three-column design was just too cramped. I am still using a lot of sidebars for additional content, but I also wanted more space to highlight the photography.

More recently, I switched all my Internet and technology content over to the sister site, Backdoor Tech. I will soon be retiring all those pages from this site.

There may be some pages that I missed in the code conversion process so please drop me a line if you see anything weird.

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