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Saturday, November 22

Peruvian football players claim they are owed $800,000 in back salaries

ESPNSoccernet.com: Global: Striking Peruvian players seize stadium: "Peru midfielder Nolberto Solano, who plays for English premier league Newcastle United, said he sympathised with the players. 'When you're a professional and have a contract, it should be respected,' he told RPP radio in an interview from England. 'But in Peru, they do what they want to the players. It's time for Peruvian footballers to be respected.'" ESPNSoccerNet / Retuers This story is two-weeks old, but I chanced across it. The fact that players are often shafted is not new. The clubs have been impoverished, even the elite ones like Universitario and Alianza Lima. They frequently have incompetent management. The best players are just hoping that they will be noticed by a foreign team and taken abroad. An impoverished pro league means that your chances of fielding a good World Cup team are minimal.

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