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Friday, November 28

Opposition remains strong aginst Manhattan Mineral's plans for gold mine

Manhattan Mineral stock dives on Peru mine ruling: "Peru's Energy and Mines Minister Hans Flury told a congressional commission on Wednesday that Manhattan had until Dec. 1 to prove that it had net assets of $100 million or more and a 10,000-tonne treatment plant in order to meet the terms of its option, which expires next May. A ministry statement said Flury said the state mining company Centromin Peru had turned down Manhattan's request for extra time to meet the requirements to build a gold mine in the northern Peruvian town of Tambogrande." Forbes / Reuters This feature, Decision looms for Peru Tambogrande mine project, explains the dynamics and social forces that are building up behind this project that would affect a coastal farming valley, that stands out as an example of sound agriculture. On the other hand, Peru has more mining potential elsewhere.

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