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Sunday, September 21

Accusations against Peruvian natural resource institute

Mahogany, Peru & Poverty: NRDCís Eco-Lies Continue: "NRDC this is not some modest, little group of Green holy rollers. It is an organization that, in 1998, had assets of $55,071,547. Unlike Newman Lumber, itís tax exempt. If you like ironies, the NRDC was founded in 1970 with money generated by the auto industry, a $400,000 grant from the Ford Foundation. It is perhaps best known for being the source of an enormous and costly apple industry hoax about Alar. The NRDC has designated the Peruvian rainforest a 'BioGem' and with the help of 'BioGem Defenders,' it floods companies like Newman with thousands of emails protesting their trade in mahogany. " MichNews.com This opinion piece comes from the right and aims against the tree-huggers out to save the Amazon. But it also says that there are hidden interests behind the revoking of a logging contract.

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