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Wednesday, August 6

Japanese publication calls for Fujimori to come clean with Peru

Fujimori's aspirations: "Peruvian anger is building against Fujimori. They now see Fujimori avoid returning to Peru by utilizing his dual nationality despite having served as president of the country. The issue also creates problems for Peruvians of Japanese ancestry, of whom few now support the ex-president. Fujimori has hinted he intends to return to political life, with his eye on the Peruvian presidential election of 2006. If that is so, this might be the best time for him to take the chance of returning to Peru to establish a time and place for candor with the people of Peru, including trying to deal directly with the charges against him." asahi.com This article is not a view that is commonly found in Japan.

For a more favorable view, see this interview from the Daily Yimiuri.

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