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Saturday, July 26

Visiting Peruvian rowing team makes a mark

Peruvians enjoying hospitality, not to mention rowing success: "Although the event is a national championship, crews from Argentina, Canada, Mexico and Peru are being allowed to compete but not to challenge for U.S. titles and medals. Special guests of the Obergs on Thursday night - and of the Philadelphia and South Jersey rowing communities all week - were 12 members of Peru's Club de Regatas Lima." Philadelphia Inquirer I and my wife are active members of Club de Regatas Lima and have been for 20 years. Whenever we're in Lima, we dine at the Chinese restaurant at the Chorillos site and stroll on the beach. In the middle of a country going through social and economic deterioration, it is an island of stability and pampered services. I sometimes feel guilty about belonging, but not for long. Regatas has an active sports program for its members, especially in sports not traditionally popular in Peru (read football), like sailing, volleyball, basketball, swimming and others.

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