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Wednesday, July 2

Technocracy triumphs over weak politicians

Tax lady tries to tidy up Toledo's troubled Peru: "'Political analyst Mirko Lauer calls Merino's appointment a 'technocracy triumphant' -- with experienced bureaucrats taking the reins of government from weak political parties. 'The prime minister is not really a party person. She is a CEO and technocrat,' said Lauer." The designation of Peru's first woman prime minister has scored points locally and internationally. But Toledo is in such a politically deep hole that even the best technocrats may not be able to get him through to the end of his term. Mirko, a sharp -- and blunt -- political observer, maintains that the best forecast can only see about six months into the future. Also see MercoSur Press's Lady for Peru and Guardian (UK) / AP Peru's First Female P.m. Begins New Role.

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