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Tuesday, July 15

Oh, Cubillas, where art thou?

Peru must stop living in the past, says coach: "Peruvians still fondly recall the golden period when their team, inspired by playmaker Teofilio Cubillas, reached the last eight of the 1970 and 1978 World Cups with flowing, Brazilian-style football. Nowadays, Peru's international performances are generally summed up in the phrase: 'Jugamos como nunca y perdimos como siempre.' That translates to: 'We played like never before and lost as usual.'
Peruvians are tired of seeing their team pass the ball around neatly in midfield, fail to make progress and then get hit on the break." Hindustan Times / Reuters Funny that a Hindu newspaper picked up this wire copy about Peru's football team. But the commentary is still valid. The national team is a reflection of the domestic league play, and that's been pretty dismal recently.

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